Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With The HCG Diet

San Diego California HCG Diet Plans are Customized to Each Individual’s Weight Loss Needs

HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctors in San DiegoHCG diet programs allow both men and women to lose weight approximately twice as fast as they do on any other diet plan. That is because the HCG diet makes use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced in mass quantities by women when they are pregnant. The same hormone that ensures adequate nourishment for both mother and child can help you finally reach your weight loss goals!

When you participate in the HCG diet, your doctor helps you develop a low calorie eating plan for the first phase of the program. This is the other essential piece that helps you achieve dramatic weight loss results in a short amount of time. Because the HCG hormone targets fat instead of muscle, you don’t feel hungry or deprived while following your doctor’s recommended daily caloric intake. While your body is busy dropping pounds, you have all the energy you need to keep up with your everyday life.

What You Must Do Before Starting the HCG Diet

If this sounds like the diet plan for you, the first thing to do is use our directory to find an HCG Doctor near you. Each doctor’s profile indicates the doctor’s hours, location, education, experience and treatment philosophy when it comes to helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. After finding a few HCG clinics that you are interested in, contact their offices to schedule your initial consultation and physical.

Your HCG Diet Doctor will ask you several questions about your health history during your first appointment. He or she also needs to know about any previous attempts to lose weight as well as what your goals are. Lastly, your doctor conducts a physical to ensure that you are sufficiently healthy to receive the HCG hormone by injection or another method of your choice. Your body must also be able to tolerate the calorie and food restrictions during the active phase of the program.

A Diet Plan Personalized Just for You

The HCG Diet is different from other diet plans in several important ways. Greater weight loss success and the ability to break through stubborn fat deposits are what most people notice right away. However, what truly sets it apart is the fact that you remain under a doctor’s supervision for the entire duration of the HCG Diet. This also includes the maintenance phase, which immediately follows the initial phase of the plan where you stick to a low calorie diet and receive the HCG hormone daily.

A Typical Day with the HCG Diet

You can expect most of your calories to come from protein, fruit and vegetable sources. The HCG Diet also emphasizes water consumption and moderate exercise. However, you should avoid heavy workout routines during the active phase as this may cause your body to require additional calories for energy. Your HCG doctor may also advise you to take one or more vitamin supplements to compensate for what you don’t receive from food. These may include a multivitamin, B12, potassium or magnesium. As with every other aspect of the HCG Diet, your doctor recommends foods to eat, foods to avoid and supplements you should take based on what is right for your body.

Contact a San Diego HCG Doctor today to schedule an HCG Diet consultation and learn more about the HCG Diet. Let an expert explain the benefits of losing weight on a custom-tailored HCG Diet plan with the help and support of skilled and experienced medical weight loss professionals in your area of San Diego!

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